Welcome to Régine Giroud’s Paradise of Jewels

For over 35 years, Régine Giroud, jewellery specialist and entrepreneur, has been a leading expert for rare and historic jewellery.

Régine Giroud’s passion for history and aesthetics is reflected in her exclusive jewellery collection which can be found in her paradise of gems in the heart of Zurich’s old town.

Rare jewellery treasures from bygone periods continue to fascinate with their beauty and their incomparable design and craftsmanship. If geometric Art Deco or naturalistic Art Nouveau, both are the perfect match for the self-confident lady-customer who loves casual elegance and wears unique jewellery pieces.

Régine Giroud and her experienced team, comprising specialists in gemology, art history and goldsmith art, are looking forward to welcoming you.

Régine Giroud

Diamond appraiser GIA/ Gemologist
President VSAR, Association of Swiss Antiquarians & Conservators
Member VSAK, Association of Swiss Antiquarians & Art Dealers
Winner of the “Cross of Merit with Crown of the Order Pro Merito Melitensi”

Photo by Adriana Tripa

Photo by Adriana Tripa